One of the highlights of second quint is the GFO, an annual event that is highly anticipated by the entire school community. This year’s GFO was held last Friday. Classes were suspended for the day. During the morning the course for the mini-golf match was created. Then, mixed foursomes of teachers and students teed off in the early afternoon in pursuit of the coveted GFO jackets. Only the green jackets awarded to the winners at Augusta are more prestigious. In addition to the low score winners, awards will be given to students who built the most creative hole, as well as the most playable hole, and there is an award for the most enthusiastic group (team or foursome). Starting tomorrow during Community Meeting, the winners will be announced day-by-day with the low score winners revealed on Friday. Click on the arrow in the center of the photograph above to see an inspiring one minute video of our golfers in action.