In the years before the pandemic, Franklin Academy offered a rich and varied off-campus weekend activities program. As a result, students and teachers regularly traveled to 5K fun runs throughout Connecticut. Hopefully, our participation in these road races will resume next school year. Meanwhile, our runners need to experience sooner rather than later that incredible satisfaction and euphoria of competing against themselves in the never-ending quest of setting a new “PR” (personal record). As we looked at our school calendar, Weekend Team One selected Sunday, April 25, to host a fun run on campus. By happy coincidence, April 25 is National DNA Day. The National Human Genome Research Institute created this new holiday. Consequently, we have decided to go all in.

Students and faculty will have the chance to run or walk a creatively designed 1.75-mile course inspired by the double helix. Marker signs along the campus route will feature fun facts about the Humane Genome Project, Watson & Crick, and genes versus DNA. Commemorative t-shirts, underwritten by an anonymous benefactor, will be available for the runners. Refreshments will be served post-race. Additionally, there are ample opportunities to volunteer as a DJ, timer, course monitor, or spreader of encouragement and good cheer. Eighteen community members have registered for the DNA Race. Ten others request more time to decide. Perhaps the attached video will inspire the uncommitted runners (click here).