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Pi Day is a big deal at Franklin Academy. For fifteen years, our Math Chair, Amy Bigelow, has inspired colleagues and students to celebrate the mathematical constant π on or about March 14 (3.14 representing pi’s first three digits). The event is about having fun, taking safe risks, highlighting unique talents, and learning something new.

Our community gathered in the Great Room to hear Amy’s introductory comments about the beauty and importance of pi. Then, the Mathematics Department unveiled a specially designed Pi Day t-shirt as they performed a choreographed version of Wannabe from The Spice Girls with pi-based lyrics.

The team competition followed. FLI won the Trivia Competition. Team Owl won the Pi Word competition by writing 75 unique “pi” words in π minutes. In Pin the Pi on the math teacher’s face, Cranes and Herons tied. Team Crane won our pie-eating contest. Nathan, a Crane, received a standing ovation as he broke the school record for most correct π digits recited – 359. When the judges calculated all the scores, the Cranes were victorious again, building on their Spirit Week success.

As always, we extended a huge “thank you” to our Sage Dining crew, who collaborated to put on a special π meal of pierogies and spanikopita, spiral pasta and pickled veggies, pineapple and papaya, and fresh pies. Click here to see a video slideshow of all the fun.