I want to share some messages that I received in the aftermath of my email to parents about our recent all-school COVID-19 test results.

From Georgie Moss

Good Evening, Fred: You should feel very proud of the exemplary way Franklin Academy is handling this pandemic. You and your staff deserve much credit.

From Lisa Harris

Dear Fred and every single one of the faculty and staff! Congratulations for such a successful start. You have taken on huge goals, big dreams to bring the Franklin campus back to life. You have taken such care with so many small details and large protocols and strategies. Such a success you can now celebrate. I hope you can take a minute to breathe deeply and feel proud of the strong community that you all have created. With intention, we all will move forward.

From Stefanie Dooley and David Hill

Congratulations! We think the whole move-in process was well thought out and seamless. Ditto for the procedures in place for the students living on campus. Thank you for the thoughtful and intentional way things run at Franklin.

I would like to thank each of my colleagues for our successful repopulation of campus. Everyone has worked tirelessly to develop, critique, and implement a comprehensive plan that will continuously evolve as we learn more about the realities of serving our students during this pandemic. I acknowledge their creativity, commitment, compassion, and flexibility. I am grateful to be surrounded by such dedicated educators.