Franklin Academy’s 20th anniversary is fast approaching! In order to move boldly into our third decade, we have initiated a strategic planning process. First, we organized a steering committee of trustees, administrators, and teachers. Next, the committee hired Bob Wright of Panta Rei, a highly regarded consulting firm. An initial planning retreat helped to identify the school’s most valuable stakeholders. Then, we reached out to students and faculty, alumni and alumni parents, educational consultants, and benefactors, asking them to complete a survey. Subsequently, these responses provided the steering committee with invaluable perspectives and insights.

Now, we would like to widen the circle of engagement in our strategic planning process. Bob Wright will be on campus on Friday, April 17, to conduct a school community workshop. According to Bob, the goal of our time together is “to deepen a shared understanding of Franklin Academy’s vision, mission, values, and assets, to introduce an emerging strategy for strengthening the school’s mission, and to prioritize opportunities.” This workshop coincides with our Spring Seminars for current parents and grandparents. Following this session, the steering committee will regroup to refine and finalize Franklin Academy’s strategic plan.