These email messages are the best!

Dear Headmaster Fred,
I hope you and your family are well. We just received amazing news! Danny was accepted early decision to Stevens Institute!! We are so thrilled and greatly appreciate the excellent educators at Franklin! Fondly, Georgie and Peter Moss

Danny joined Franklin Academy midway through his sophomore year. Now, he is a senior, participating in the Franklin Learning Institute. According to Byron Crozier, College Counselor, Danny improved as a student over time. At first, he did just enough to earn decent grades. Currently, he does more than necessary. Consequently, his academic schedule is full as a Cyber Franklin student this year, including one University of Connecticut ECE class and two Honors courses.

Roberto Padua, Science Chair, offered this observation: “Danny improved greatly in the way he takes on challenges and receives feedback.” Amy Bigelow, Mathematics Chair, told me that “Danny joined both the Honors Math and Science programs this year. These elective courses will complement his core courses in Calculus and Physics to continue solid preparation for Stevens. He is also one of four students who tackled the ambitious challenge of building a (virtual) computer from scratch using only NAND logic gates.” Danny admitted that Amy’s Nand to Tetris Intersession elective is the most demanding course ever. But, as he observed: “No pain, no gain.”

On behalf of my colleagues, I congratulate Danny and his parents, Georgie and Peters. Meanwhile, go to for more information about Danny’s excellent opportunity.


Frederick Weissbach

PS: Danny holds the acceptance letter that he copied into an email sent to his mother at work.