We got up early to head back out to the small seaside village where our boat captain from the night before fitted us all with snorkel gear and ferried us to the coral reef. The students were quick to learn the basics of snorkeling. Then, we swam around the reef, seeing many different kinds of coral, urchins, and fish, many of which the students could name! We also explored Cayo Mata La Gata, a small island once owned by a family who used it to raise sharks. We ate favorite local dishes such as empanadillas and octopus salad.

Afterward, we rode back across the island (which is nearly the same size as the state of Connecticut!) to San Juan for our next adventure – salsa dancing lessons. We learned six different steps, including a fancy turn, which we will demonstrate at Franklin Academy’s all-school Prom next month. The evening ended with our trip’s formal dinner and a quiet night in the hotel. Students needed downtime after two intense days.