As you can see from the photograph, Michael Vitarelli ’18 is a happy young man. No wonder. After his freshman fall semester at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts (where Anna Hobbs ’18, Mateo Caligiuri ’18, Lulu McDonald ’17, and Sammy Fink ’18 are also freshmen), he is flexing a 4.0 GPA as a Dean’s List student. Michael’s own words sum up his academic performance: “I’m killing it there!” His classes included English, Intro to Communication, 3-D Art, Student Success Seminar, and Radio News and Sports which gives Michael an opportunity twice a week to broadcast the headline news on Power Radio 88 – Dean College’s own hot rock station. He feels that he is socially popular, and he has enjoyed getting involved with the student activities committee, outdoor recreation, and whitewater rafting. He has decided to become a communications major, and he definitely believes that he made the best possible choice in attending Dean College. Looking back on his two years at Franklin Academy, Michael gives a lot of credit to this school community for helping him become more aware and more self-confident. He really appreciates the opportunity he had to be himself and the easy acceptance of his classmates and teachers. In terms of advice for current seniors and postgraduates preparing for their transition to college, he says that the anxiety frequently accompanying change will quickly dissipate so don’t go crazy with worry.