I received a wonderful email this past weekend. With permission, I am delighted to share it with everyone.

Good Morning Franklin!

As the new year begins, my gratitude and joy are renewed. Both Adam and Josh are starting the year on the RIT campus after taking last year off and completing a few online classes. They are both showing the maturity, independence, and confidence they learned with you during their Franklin years, sharing an apartment (and a car) on campus, and navigating everything that involves. Classes began this past week, and I’m thrilled to report that they are starting the year strong and determined. Seven years ago, when we found Franklin, this is what we dreamed of. I learned a long time ago that a school is not the building or the books; it is the people. And because of all of you, Franklin is a gem! Thank you for what you have done for our family and continue to do for so many others. Best wishes to you for another successful year!

Leanne Waldie

PS: From left to right in opening day photographs are Leanne and Josh (FA class of 2020), Adam (FA class of 2018), and John Waldie. Click here for a glimpse of the Waldie Years at Franklin Academy.