Burlington, Vermont is on a lot of lists. In fact, it is often one of the most listed cities in the United States – best place to live, prettiest town in America, most trees per person, or the top place to go to college. Thus, it comes as no surprise that our annual college tour typically includes Burlington. As a result, Champlain College commands plenty of attention from Franklin Academy seniors and postgraduates. Five members of the class of 2018 were accepted here last year, attracted by the compact city campus (22 acres), small student population (2,200), and highly regarded academic program (“the Harvard of game design” is one bold claim). Adjacent to Champlain is the University of Vermont (UVM) which makes its own claim of offering a public Ivy League education. UVM is one of our oldest public universities, dating from 1791. It has a 460 acre suburban campus, filled with new facilities everywhere and serving 11,000 undergraduates and 2,000 graduate students. On the entrance of the admissions office is this quote from John Dewey (UVM class of 1879 and educational reformer): “Education in not preparation for life. Education is life itself.” And, as everyone visiting Burlington seems to discover, life here is very, very good.