Franklin Academy makes good use of the short time between Thanksgiving break and the Winter holidays to offer our students a varied selection of mini-courses. Here is an update from Wade Tomlinson about the course that he and Kerry Skora have been teaching this December Intersession.

In Mind & Meaning, we have been learning the strategies for being more mindful during our everyday activities. We have completed journaling exercises, yoga poses, mandala-making, puzzle-solving, and hikes off-campus to put into practice some of what we are learning in the classroom. In doing so, we learned to check in with our emotional state frequently and recognize patterns in our moods.

Last Friday, we visited Day Pond State Park to witness the still waters. One student observed that the sediment had settled and how clear it was. Kerry used this observation to make it a metaphor for our mindful living. We quietly walked around the pond. Some students chose to remain “unplugged” (a term we have referenced several times during the week). Jack took the opportunity to make quiet videos and take pictures to capture the moments – much like a photo journal. Ben and Chase talked about ripples made by sand thrown into the pond and how these ripples reflected our varying moods during the day. Kerry and I are delighted that our students are motivated and take the course study seriously. They have already voiced their willingness to make some lifestyle changes.

Chase, Wade, Ben, Kerry, Toby, and Jack appear in the photo above left to right.