Dear Faculty, Staff, and Parents:

I am writing on behalf of our Franklin Academy Board of Trustees. I am also writing as the parent of two children who graduated from Franklin in 2010 and 2017. I have been honored to serve on the board for three years in this dual capacity. I am incredibly grateful for my sixteen-year immersion in the Franklin community. Seen through the lens of both roles, I have a deep understanding of how challenging this year has been.

Our community needed to create, adapt, create some more, and take leaps of faith. The faculty has revamped the curriculum to meet the needs of “hybrid” learning. The staff has reset procedures amidst a new world of safety protocols. Parents have had to trust that their children would be kept safe. Our board and administration have needed to lead our school through the pandemic while planning for the future.

Stringent health and safety rules shaped our winter trimester. However, we continued to teach, encourage, and build relationships amidst conditions that are not readily conducive to accomplishing such tasks. As we pause to take a break, I would like to thank everyone in the Franklin community for all of the incredible hard work, dedication, and support that has brought us to this day.

This community has a clear mission. We work together to ensure that each student has a place to “belong, grow, and succeed.” This mission allowed my children to thrive. Even in a pandemic, we have continued to create opportunities for students in ways not experienced elsewhere. I am so proud to be part of a community that presses on no matter what, striving to do meaningful, needed, and valuable work!

I wish everyone a break filled with rest, health, and the pursuit of fun!

With warm regards,

Belinda Brennan
Board Chair

PS: Our students had their last winter trimester COVID-19 test this past Wednesday, March 3, from 3 to 4 pm. The administration asked me to share the good news that all the test results are negative.