The celebration of college acceptances continues. Byron Crozier announced Adam’s plans to attend Mitchell College in the fall. Mitchell accepted Adam before he decided to defer for one year to attend Franklin Academy’s postgraduate program. Indeed, this is a common strategy for any number of our students seeking additional preparation prior to their college matriculation. Byron also shared the good news of Ian’s acceptance by Curry College – probably his top choice.

Attached is an update of colleges and universities that have said yes to our Class of 2023. Click here to review the list. I will provide another post-secondary update at the end of this school year. 

Meanwhile, Byron has begun his work with the Class of 2024. He extended to all rising seniors on both Herons and Owls the opportunity to meet with him in five group sessions during third and fourth quints to focus on all aspects of the post-secondary search progress. Next, he will meet individually with each of these students before the summer break. Byron will also send to their parents at the beginning of May a substantive email filled with comprehensive information, helpful resources, and a recommended schedule for managing the search process. 

The upcoming Spring Intersession provides an opportunity for interested students to participate in Get Schooled! During this experiential course, students will explore various post-secondary options, including large universities and small colleges in rural, suburban, and urban settings and internship and vocational training programs. Finally, I am finishing the itinerary for Franklin Academy’s tenth annual college tour that will run during our fall break next October. I will share this information with the Franklin family later in April.

PS: Judging from the photograph above, I think Adam and Ian are excited about life after Franklin Academy.