What follows is a thank you note I received just before graduation. The postscript arrived yesterday.

“Nothing is impossible.” Three words our son posted on a board in his room succinctly summarize our experience with Franklin Academy.

When our son first arrived on campus, we were initially alarmed that our “helicopter parent” skills were not welcome. The faculty assured us they could deal with the challenges our son presented. One teacher, Wade Tomlinson, read the look of concern on our faces and told us that we would come up to school one day and find that a lightbulb had gone off with our son. We wouldn’t recognize him, but he didn’t know how and he didn’t know when. He just told us to be patient. Then it happened.

It started with a smirk during one of our visits. The smirk became a smile. The smile led to confidence, and that confidence yielded success. Connections formed with peers, faculty members, and staff.
Challenges with executive functioning yielded to organization. The elusive “high pass” in classes became an attainable goal that our son achieved with regularity.

So now we find ourselves on the eve of graduation from Franklin. Our son has been accepted early decision to the college of his choice with merit scholarships to recognize all he has achieved. He is bright, articulate, and self-aware.

We are forever grateful to the faculty and staff of Franklin, not only for what they did for our son but for what they’ve done for our family. Our son is poised to achieve his goals and launch into an adulthood filled with promise. What more could a parent ask?

Georgie and Peter Moss

PS: We just dropped Danny off to begin his college career. I thought you would appreciate the formal retirement of my Franklin car magnet in favor of one from Stevens Institute of Technology. We’re excited about what the future holds for Danny and appreciate all Franklin did for our son. Cheers.