Franklin Academy’s Science Department hosted the third annual Invention Convention this past week. Eggs flew, catapulted, and floated as Teams B, C, and D competed for the Golden Microscope. Team B built gliders to carry eggs, creating designs borrowed from hang paper airplanes and biplanes. Team C crafted catapults for launching eggs. As a result of careful research, some designs harnessed potential energy through the use of rubber bands, while traditional catapults and sling shots inspired other designs. Team D created contraptions to protect raw eggs in a classic egg drop. Designs included suspension systems to cushion the drop. Students also developed unique parachutes and geometric enclosures made with cups. After careful deliberation, judges awarded certificates for most creative design, greatest distance traveled, and slowest descent. However, Team C had the highest student participation during the competition. Thus, they won the Golden Microscope – their first victory at Invention Convention.