Earlier this week I shared with you news about the selection of the 2019 Student Ambassadors at Franklin Academy. The list included Seth Lee, a member of Team D. What follows is an email to Vince Schmidt, Assistant Admissions Director, from Katherine Lee, Seth’s mother.

Hi, Vince. A little less than 2 years ago, a scared, worried kid, with no self-esteem first visited Franklin Academy. A little over a year and a half into our Frankly experience, Seth is proud, happy, and full of self-confidence. How lucky we were to find FA, despite the fact that you honestly did not understand how we found you without an education consultant. Franklin has proven the perfect fit for Seth, and now Seth has proven he is the perfect fit for Franklin.  With tears of joy, we were so honored to learn that Seth was chosen in yet another leadership role for FA, the student ambassador. Along with being an RA, a trusted school store worker, and now a prestigious peer ambassador, Seth has become a leader and is thriving.  Words cannot describe our emotions. Thanks, Vince, for taking a shot on Seth.  His future is ever so much brighter as a result of the FA experience.  Katherine.

Changing lives, student by student – this is our work. It is what we do best. Thank you, Katherine, for your words from the heart. And thank you for sharing your son with our school.  Seth is making a huge, positive difference in the life of our community.