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Waiting For Spring

Today is the beginning of daylight saving time. It is a brilliant sunny day with a cloudless blue sky, and temperatures are reaching 50 degrees. The calendar reads March 11, and everyone at Franklin Academy is eager for the arrival of spring. However, there is still snow on the ground from the nor’easter last Wednesday night, and another nor’easter is in the forecast for tomorrow night, possibly bringing 4 to 8 inches of new snow. This is life in New England. Fortunately, we have generator power for the heart of campus, providing electricity to our main dormitory and smaller dorms, the school house, dining hall, student center, and health center, as well as our water distribution system, whenever the electric grid goes down in our part of Connecticut. The maintenance crew is always ready with snowplows, shovels, snowblowers, salt, and sand to keep campus roads and walkways open and safe. The dining hall staff never fails to deliver regular meals, and our duty “snow team,” supplemented by additional faculty and administrators, provides direction and supervision for snow day activities in the event that regular classes are cancelled. Meanwhile, as we begin the countdown to the next snowstorm, I am noticing on the side deck of my campus residence four plant pots with stalks of chives that are beginning to poke above the snow – certainly a harbinger of spring! Yes, it is definitely time to order my lettuce seeds from Burpee.

I close this posting with black & white scenes from last week’s snowstorm.

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