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Trip to Las Terrazas

This message was received late last night from Josh Weissbach, Franklin Academy trip leader for Cuba.

Today we visited Las Terrazas, which is a small community and nature reserve an hour west of Havana. The Cuban Government has focused on reforesting this land since the mid-1960s and has made it a site of eco-tourism. We were treated to beautiful views as seen in the photo above. We ate a classic Cuban lunch of "con gris" (black beans and rice mixed together), potatoes, salad, chicken, pork, and home-made coconut ice cream. We also visited an art studio in Las Terrazas where the artist was using repurposed paper to make colorful prints of Cuban landscapes, birds, and iconic figures. Students also tried some of the strong coffee produced at Las Terrazas in a Cuban version of a frappuccino. Earlier this afternoon, we traveled back to Havana and visited the house of the artist Fuste. His style of ceramics and painting has engulfed his property and the surrounding community. Tonight we are off to dinner where students will also enjoy some dancing with their meal.

It sounds like this is a wonderful trip.  Wish I was there with my camera.



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