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Student Leadership is Making a Difference

Simply stated, these student leaders are making a difference in our school community. Some of the activities that Student Government has sponsored this year include Movie Nights in the Student Center, a Glow in the Dark Party on the field, a Donut Party, several administration-approved days off from class with a full slate of alternative activities, and a Bonfire and Movie Night on the field. Coming up is the all-school prom at the Gelston House on Monday, May 8. In addition, Student Government just purchased three printers for the first, second, and third floors of the main dormitory. These students oversee the operation of the Student Store and purchased a new storage cabinet to accommodate more inventory. Last week they raised almost $1,000 during our Slime Fundraiser. This week they hosted a Red Cross Blood Drive on campus with many more students participating as donors and volunteers than in the past. Well done!


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