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Spring Seminar Days

We hope to see you soon!

Parents’ and Grandparents’ Spring Seminar Days will begin this Thursday morning, April 12, with individually scheduled conferences for parents and their team contacts or FLI advisors, and our event will run through mid-Friday afternoon, April 13, when the spring break begins. Some parents living far away might not be able to join us with a return for graduation right around the corner. However, I believe that this is a worthwhile occasion for those who can make the journey, especially given the range of informative seminars that my colleagues will be offering and the chance to meet face-to-face with team contact or FLI advisor. Other highlights include a parent reception, silent auction, and barbecue on Thursday, a preview of our 2019 international trip, and the students’ spring intersession gallery on Friday. Attached to this posting is the schedule for our two days together, as well as paragraph descriptions of the seminars that will be presented. Here are a few scenes from the 2017 Spring Seminar Days.

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