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Spirit Week Kick Off

A time honored Franklin Academy tradition is Spirit Week, held at the start of Quint 3 each year.  The purpose of Spirit Week is to help students get back into the routines of school after Winter Holiday and reinforce our community bonds through some good old fun and games.  There are different aspects to Spirit Week that are described in the file attached to this email.

At our long Community Meeting yesterday students and teachers enjoyed the Kick Off Event in which Teams B, C, D, and FLI competed in “Minute to Win It” speed contests.  The competition included the following challenges.

Rub-a-dub-dub in which teams of two get a bucket of water and a bar of soap with the objective of rubbing as much soap off the bar in five minutes.

Fly Tissue, Fly for teams of two trying to pick one-by-one all the tissues from a tissue box, placing each in a plastic bag.

Penny Stacking for one person from each Team who tries to stack the highest column of pennies.

A Big Wind Blows for teams of two who blow up balloons and then use this personal wind to push the cups off the edge the table.

Face Cookie for one person from each Team who tries to navigate an Oreo cookie from forehead to mouth without using hands or allowing the cookie to drop to the floor.

Water Bottle Bowling for one person from each Team who places panty hose holding a baseball on the end of their head, creating a pendulum to knock over a triangle of water bottles.

Cup Race for teams of two who receive a stack of 10 like-colored cups and 1 odd-colored plastic cup at the bottom of the stack with the objective of moving the odd-colored cup to the top of the stack one cup at a time.

Tissue Box Shake is a hilarious opportunity of one person from each Team who wears a belt around the waist with a tissue box at the back filled with ping pong balls; these ping pong ball are to be shaken out of the tissue box – use of hands not permitted!

Click on the arrow in the middle of the photograph above to view a video slideshow of our Kick Off event.  In addition, a listing of all the ways our students compete during Spirit Week can be reviewed in the file below.


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