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Rutgers – One of Nine Colonial Colleges

There are nine very old American colleges that were founded before the American Revolution.  You will not be surprised by the names of the Ivy League schools on this list, starting first with Harvard.  Second oldest is the College of William and Mary.  However, I did not expect to find on this list Rutgers University, which was founded in 1766 just before my alma mater, Dartmouth College.  Today, Rutgers is an academic powerhouse, serving 36,000 undergraduates and offering 175 academic departments.  Rutgers is a member of the Big Ten Academic Alliance and the Universities Research Association – "a consortium of 90 leading research-orientated in the US, Canada, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom."  However, the reason we traveled to Rutgers this morning was to check out its College Support Program (CSP) for students on the Autism Spectrum.  We met with Mandy Webster, Admissions Counselor.  Lauren, a senior majoring in business, served as our tour guide.  We had a session with Dr. Pamela Lubbers, Coordinator of CSP, and heard from Jonathan, a junior enrolled in the program who is currently maintaining a 3.8 GPA and thinking about going to law school.  I asked our students if Jonathan would fit in at Franklin Academy. The consensus?  "Yes, he is one of us."  I believe that CSP is worthy of careful consideration by any of our students wanting to take advantage of the many opportunities available at a big university.  Tonight we are in Poughkeepsie, New York, and tomorrow we will continue traveling north along the Hudson River Valley to visit Siena College in the morning and Union College in the afternoon.  Then, we will make the move into Vermont.

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