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Opening Day for Teams B, C, and D

Typically, our enrollment looks like an inverted pyramid – a smaller number of eighth, ninth, and tenth graders and many more juniors, seniors, and postgraduates. It is different this year. Instead of the upside down pyramid, picture a rectangle standing on end with a base of our youngest students as large as our class of seniors. Certainly, you could see the difference from past years with an overflowing Great Room of the School House during the official welcome on Opening Day for Teams B, C, and D. Indeed, we might need a larger gathering space for the school family if this trend continues. Once again, we were lucky with the weather. Everyone showed up on time. There was a range of emotions – incredible excitement for veteran students as they eagerly reunited with friends to the slight anxiety of new students feeling their way. However, because we are very deliberate as we go about the business of recreating the Franklin Academy community at the start of every school year, the inevitable bonding had begun by late afternoon or early evening. A new school year at Franklin Academy has been successfully launched.

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