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More Than Just Rice and Spice

This intersession course, offered by Jenny Shan, Team D Mathematics Instructor, and Zach Smith, Team D Humanities Instructor, focuses on basic classical Asian cookery techniques that have evolved into the culinary concepts and flavors utilized in Northeast and Southeast Asian cuisine.  Through an exploration of Asian-Pacific history, culture, philosophy, and geographical influences, students are learning about cooking techniques, specialty ingredients, seasonal foods, spices, and herbs used in Northeast and Southeast Asian foods.  The course includes a large experiential component in which students cook foods, eat at Asian food restaurants, and visit an Asian supermarket.  As a final project, students will have a choice between recreating a common Asian dish, presenting research on the culinary traits of a specific Asian region, or reflecting upon their experiences at different restaurants. Students will be assessed through participation in discussions, class activities, and the final project.  Most importantly, students must be open-minded and willing to cook and taste foods that are uncommon in most areas of American culture.

Hmmm, hmmm, good!  As the photograph above reveals, our students are really focusing on the task at hand.


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