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Living the Code of Conduct

These statements of intention are featured in Franklin Academy’s Code of Conduct:

  • We take care of ourselves.
  • We take care of each other.
  • We take care of Franklin Academy.
  • We take care of the world.

Over the years our teachers and students have eagerly embraced community service as a way of “living” the Franklin Code. What follows is a report from my colleague, Amy Bigelow, about five of our students who volunteered their time this past Saturday.

Amy writes:

The two-day weekend is a rare luxury at Franklin Academy (because of Saturday classes until 12:30 pm), but thankfully it is built into our intensive intersession schedule. This past Saturday five students opted to forgo their opportunity to sleep in and instead got up by 7:00 am to volunteer all day with Random Hacks of Kindness, Jr, hosted at Quinnipiac University.

Sara, Jacob, Josh, Ross, and Aaron volunteered nine hours to serve as computer science mentors to guide 4th – 8th grade girls in mobile app design. Each student was partnered with a non-profit organization (Montage Initiative, TriCircle, Inc., Empowering Through Beauty, and Junta Inc.) and several Girl Scouts from around the state. Our students were tasked with helping the Girl Scouts understand the mission of the non-profit they were working with, creating a concept design for an app that could help support their mission, and programming a prototype of the app, all while building camaraderie among a group of young girls meeting each other for the first time.

Our students were commended for their impressive abilities to keep the younger students engaged, to remain focused on task, and for their incredible perseverance and collaboration while debugging and redesigning structures to create a functional app in one day. It was an intense experience, but Sara, Jacob, Josh, Ross, and Aaron did amazing work. Thank you! Please know that the Executive Director of RHOKjr and a representative from ASRC (Autism Services & Resources Connecticut) were particularly impressed with our students.

Here are some photographs of Sara, Jacob, Josh, Ross, and Aaron in action, courtesy of Amy.

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