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Investigating Paranormal New England

The trip to Cuba is not the only Intersession excursion. During many of our in-depth mini courses, instructors frequently lead their classes to destinations across Connecticut and New England.  In the photograph above, we have a last glimpse of our intrepid Franklin Academy scientists before they enter the mysterious environs of Salem, Massachusetts on the hunt for witches with magical skills.

Here is the description of this course that is being taught by Kayla Erikson, Science Instructor, and Amy Paxson, Humanities Instructor.

In this class, students will explore the creepy and perhaps ghostly history of various places in New England. Students will learn about this topic through presentations, documentaries, and visits to various locations that will allow them to explore and evaluate paranormal history first- hand. Students will also learn and read about various folklore stories related to ghosts, noises, colonial witches, creatures of the woods, and other unexplained activities and entities. This class will include frequent off-campus trips. Potential field trips may include: Salem, Massachusetts; various area cemeteries; the Webb-Dean Stevens Museum in Wethersfield; the Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal in Stratford; Mt. Tom in Moodus (source of the Moodus Noises); the Mark Twain House; Devil’s Hopyard State Park; Deep River Public Library; the Pettibone Tavern in Simsbury; Providence, RI and other historic locations. Students will be required to keep a creative journal about their experiences from the class. For their final project, they will create a PowerPoint presentation about a paranormal event or location of their choice. Students will be graded on their journal and final presentation, as well as their appropriate and active participation in the course. Students who wish to enroll in this course should: be able to manage their fear and enjoy being a bit scared; be able to regulate their emotions related to paranormal and ghostly histories; be prepared to be active and go on trips that require walking; be respectful of the opinions and perspectives of others; and be prepared to represent Franklin Academy well in various locations in New England.

I will keep everyone posted on what the class discovers.


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