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Iceland – Coming Down the Homestretch

Having participated in two international trips and five college trips, I can attest to the fact that time seems to speed up when you are immersed 24/7 with our students away from campus.  Time also flies when I am experiencing these trips vicariously.  So, it comes as no surprise for me that the Icelandic adventure ends tomorrow.  Here is Sean’s latest travelogue covering Sunday and Monday.

Hi Fred,

Yesterday, we took a ferry ride to the Westman Islands.  Heimaey, one of these islands off the coast of Iceland, was home to a devastating eruption in 1973 that caused a mass evacuation with zero lives lost.  We journeyed through the quaint fishing town that has since been rebuilt, and many of us dared to climb to the top of the volcano – a steep and intense hike.  Storhofdi, a peninsula on the southernmost point of Heimaey, was our next stop.  This spot is claimed to be the windiest place in Europe.  Today, we visited one last gigantic waterfall and the Geysir Hot Spring Area where we saw the Strokkur erupt, spouting water 10 to 15 meters (32 to 50 feet) high every few minutes.  We also had a surprise stop on our journey at a tiny horse farm where we got to feed and pet some Icelandic horses.  Tomorrow will be our final excursion in Iceland.  We'll be having a much needed spa day at the Blue Lagoon – geothermal pools next to the Svartsengi Power Plant.

Here are some additional photographs from Josh.

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