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The Hallowed Ground of Gettysburg

Our four college visits have been very different experiences – Krishna's personalized tour of NYU, the Sunday afternoon campus visit to Princeton, being part of the large crowd that visited Goucher College in the rain on Columbus Day, and our own group information session and tour today at Gettysburg College which started with Heidi Frye, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions.  Of course, Heidi provided an overview of the college, but the "value added" aspect of this session was the question and answer session that offered important perspectives and advice for engaging the admissions office of a relatively small liberal arts college (Gettysburg has 2,600 undergraduates).  Heidi stressed that she and her colleagues go beyond the grades on the transcript and the scores on the SAT or ACT in order to connect at a personal level with each applicant.  To this end, the campus interview is critically important.  I also believe that the application essay and supporting recommendations can really make a difference.  For those students with passion and demonstrated ability in a particular academic discipline, a concerted effort to connect with the appropriate department chair at the college could generate an additional endorsement that makes a crucial difference with the decision makers when it comes time to evaluate applicants.  Lunch in the college dining hall followed the information session and campus tour.  Then, it was on to the museum at the Gettysburg National Military Park to learn why this is hallowed ground and how the battle became the turning point in the American Civil War.  We saw the emotional film, A New Birth of Freedom, sponsored by the History Channel and narrated by Morgan Freeman.  We relived Pickett's Charge, as depicted in a larger-than-life cyclorama painting that is longer than a football field.  Then, we climbed back into our vehicles for the 160 mile drive back to New Jersey.  Tomorrow, we visit Rutgers in the morning and Fairleigh Dickinson in the afternoon.  Our tour has already reached the halfway point.

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