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Goucher in the Rain

We drove to Goucher College in torrential rain.  Fortunately, the admissions office was ready with ponchos for everyone attending this special Columbus Day Open House.  The campus tour was followed by an electrifying welcome by Goucher's President – Jose Antonio Bowen.  He is an accomplished jazz musician and published author who has written about the power of the liberal arts education and the need to transform the focus of learning in the classroom.  He challenged our students by asking the basic question:  "Why do you want to go to college?"  He stated that "how you learn is more important than what you learn."  And, he urged everyone to find a college campus with opportunities that support your life's mission.  He talked about the three new "Rs" at Goucher – Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection, and he provided insights about the college's innovative new curriculum that includes a study abroad requirement for every student.  I walked away very impressed with Goucher as the rain stopped and the sun began to peak from behind the clouds.  Certainly, this school deserves to belong to the consortium of colleges that change lives.  Tonight we are at a Hampton Inn in Gettysburg, and tomorrow we have a 10 am appointment at Gettysburg College for our tour and info session.  Then, we will be on the road back to New Jersey for visits to Rutgers and FDU.  

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