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The Gifts He Has Gleaned

Franklin Academy's fifteenth graduation occurs in six short days.  Here is a beautiful letter that I received today from the parents of a member of our distinguished class of 2018.

Dear Fred,

It is difficult to overstate the positive role Franklin Academy has played in the life of our son Michael these past two years.

In the fall of his junior year at his local high school, it became clear that our son was feeling socially isolated, depressed, and academically overstressed. He chose to transfer to a very small school with equally caring teachers who taught strictly on a 1:1 tutorial basis. Michael didn't feel that he belonged to either of these two schools.

We were fortunate to learn of Franklin Academy, and flew with our son for a school tour two days before the school year was to start. Cindy, Vince, and Melissa showed us around. We prayed that your school would be a right fit. Well, our wishes came true.

Not only did our son like the Franklin campus and community, but he actually wanted to move into his dorm the day before anyone would be available to check him in! During the course of our son's first months at Franklin, we could see the improvement in his spirits, compassionate self-knowledge, and initiative. Franklin Academy's faculty, staff, and peers create together a community that provides rigorous academic and social mentoring. Michael said that Franklin Academy was his second home.

We also remember with wonder something else. Franklin Academy's leadership possesses a genius for connecting the joy of learning with creativity, humor, and kindness. And Franklin Academy's motto – "belong, grow, succeed" – is an extremely beautiful understatement of the school's values and the life-changing impact exerted on students.

Now it is time for our son to move on after a FLI year. Michael will be stepping into the next chapter of his life forever strengthened by the gifts he has gleaned from, and shared with, Franklin's faculty, staff, and peer community. To the inspiring and extraordinary Franklin Academy family, thank you.

Caroline and Fong

On behalf of my colleagues, I want to say we have been delighted that Michael has been our student for the past two years. He is a young man with impressive talents, and we are excited about the many opportunities that beckon. 

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