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An Enthusiastic Response

Our school is sponsoring an international trip to Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy next April. We will be flying into Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast and flying out of Venice. Josh Weissbach, veteran trip leader of our 2017 adventure in Cuba, will be leading this trip, and Caitlin McDonald, one of our counselors, and Jill Howard, a humanities instructor, will be joining Josh.

Already, ten students have signed up for the trip, securing their places each with a $1,550 deposit. This number is the most ever to take advantage of the special “early bird” price break. Because of the encouraging response, Explorica (the travel company organizing all aspects of this trip for Franklin Academy) is extending the early bird deadline until next Friday, May 18, and I anticipate that more current students will enroll. Once the next school year starts and we introduce this travel opportunity to our new students, I expect that we will easily meet the threshold number of fifteen students and possibly have as many as twenty, especially when parents consider the testimonial of Shaun and Eileen, whose son, Seamus, participated in the Iceland trip this past April.

Fred, this looks like a great trip. After his amazing experience in Iceland, Seamus will definitely be joining the group again next year. Truly, the Iceland trip was an eye-opening experience for Seamus. From our perspective, it’s remarkable what these children can accomplish when given the opportunity. Years ago we would have never expected our son could navigate a trip away from home to a foreign country without us by his side. To say we were worried sick about this trip would be an understatement. Would he remember to pack his clothes from hotel to hotel, would he be able to maneuver the airport and customs process, how would he handle the multiple transitions? Seeing him after the trip with the excitement in his voice and the smile on his face and then noticing his strong sense of confidence made us realize that our son needs a longer leash. He came home for the break and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was to travel to Iceland with his classmates and teachers. And, he actually came home with everything he brought! These trips are great for building self-confidence and independence while exposing our children to new cultures. We think Seamus is realizing for the first time in his life just how much this world has to offer and he may have a bit of wanderlust now. It has also created a great opportunity to explain to him why it’s important to study hard so he can actually pay for these trips himself some day!!! We will drop a check in the mail today to Lee’s attention. Thanks for organizing these life changing adventures and thank you also to the staff and chaperones who are truly amazing people deserving a lot of the credit for these tremendous travel experiences. Regards, Shaun & Eileen

Thank you, Shaun and Eileen. Attached to this blog posting is the trip itinerary for Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy.

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