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Competing with 1,600 Runners

While Franklin Academy does not participate in interscholastic sports, preferring recreational and life sport opportunities, there is a lively spirit of competition among students and teachers alike. This is especially true for our runners, and here is the latest report from Amy Bigelow, Mathematics Department Chair, who is the catalyst for organizing our participation in various road races across Connecticut.

On Sunday, December 3, our Franklin runners ventured to Blue Back Square in West Hartford for the annual Mitten Run 5K. This is a much larger venue, drawing over 1600 runners. Despite the large crowd and farther drive, this run is an attractive choice for our students with the flatter course, the schedule occurring during one of our few two-day weekends, and positive encouragement from peers who ran in Quint 2. Although it was another cool day with high 30 degree temperatures, the shining sun and minimal wind, plus offerings of cookies and hot cocoa at the finish line, fueled another great race.

We were delighted to have all of our runners complete the course, and over half posted personal best times.

We will return to Hartford in March for the St. Patrick’s Day O’Hartford 5K. We hope to recruit some more first-timers for what may be a warmer Spring race.

I made a special effort to travel to Hartford in order to support our students and teachers and to take photographs. I was so impressed by the setting, scope, and organization of this event, the great camaraderie among our Franklin Academy athletes, and the grit and determination as each of our runners came down the homestretch and triumphantly crossed the finish line. Congratulations to each competitor from our school and to all the runners.

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