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Changing of the Guard

Ross Mesnick, current President of our Student Government, and Sam Mount, Vice President, announced at Community Meeting on Thursday that we have a new President and Vice President-elect at Franklin Academy – Forrest Utiger and Jimmy Myers. Both Forrest and Jimmy have been at our school for three years, and they are honored and excited about this leadership opportunity that classmates have bestowed on them. During a subsequent interview in my office that focused on anticipated initiatives during their year-long administration, Forrest and Jimmy reiterated three campaign promises. First, they intend to produce a school newsletter for students that shares regular and timely updates about Student Government deliberations, introduces surveys to solicit student perspectives and input, and provides schedules and dates for coming attractions. Next, they are serious about renovating and repairing exercise equipment in the Field House. Finally, they have set the goal of four Student Government-sponsored events each quint, such as movie nights, video game tournaments, a mid-winter bonfire and cook-off, as well as new events the Franklin Academy community has yet to experience. The passing of the gavel from Mesnick & Mount to Utiger & Myers will occur during our Closing Ceremony on Wednesday evening, May 30.

PS: Ross Mesnick has been at Franklin Academy since mid-way through his eighth grade year. He will be attending Binghamton University in the fall to study business. Sam Mount joined us at the beginning of his sophomore year. He will matriculate at the University of Missouri in order to study meteorology.


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