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To Be Twenty-Three

Birthdays are a big deal at Franklin Academy. Whether you are a student, teacher, or administrator, we take time at the beginning of our daily Community Meeting to recognize the natal day, sing Happy Birthday, and extend our best wishes.

Sadie Peden, Team B Mathematics Instructor, turned twenty-three today. Sadie is a graduate of Roger Williams University, and she is completing a very successful first year at Franklin Academy. We are delighted that Sadie is returning to our school next year because she fits the profile of what we seek in our educators.

The personal characteristics we value include a passion for serving students with learning differences, creativity and collaboration, abundant energy and high professional standards, compassion and commitment, flexibility, initiative, and, of course, a great sense of humor! While we will only consider candidates who demonstrate solid competency in a particular subject area, we place a priority on teachers who are able to deliver the school’s skills-based curriculum and who are eager to embrace the full, immersive life of this "round-the-clock" boarding school community.

Sadie, enjoy your birthday. We hope there will be many more of these special days to celebrate with you at Franklin Academy.

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