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Arrival in Miami

Our group is in Miami and boarding their flight to Havana which departs at 1:00 pm.

Here is the Sunday, April 2, report from Josh Weissbach.

We had a very successful day traveling from East Haddam, CT to Boston, MA to Miami, FL. The only hiccup we experienced was a 40-minute flight delay in Boston.  Once in Miami, students were ready to shed their cold weather clothing for the warm weather.  After meeting David, our EF Tour Guide in Miami, we made our way to South Beach to see the sights and wade in the surprisingly temperate Atlantic Ocean.  From there, we had dinner at La Carreta and enjoyed our first bit of Cuban cuisine. After dinner, students were given some free time to hang out in Little Havana and purchase ice cream.  Once we arrived at our hotel for the evening, the entire group finalized paperwork in anticipation of our arrival in Havana tomorrow. All students have received their custom form and visa for Cuba.  While the trip has begun, the adventure fully begins tomorrow afternoon once we land in Havana.

Today, there was this short message.

We have cleared security and are waiting to board our flight, which will begin in about 15 minutes.  My understanding is that our hotel in Havana has internet, so you should be hearing from me later tonight.

And, here is the first batch of photographs.

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