We tested all students and staff this past Friday. Today we learned that Franklin Academy is 98% COVID-free with only two “inconclusive tests” requiring a redo. I am delighted to share this great news with everyone! I also want to thank our parents and teachers for being so diligent about testing before returning to campus last week. There were instances of COVID-19 contracted during the winter holidays. However, these colleagues and students remained home until infection-free. Your precautions allowed us to repopulate the campus safely last Sunday. Thank you!

Now, we can get all students back to live cross-team classes and electives, permit cross-team socialization, and allow visitors and travel to and from campus. Please review the attached guidelines (click here) that we have updated due to the successful COVID-19 testing. We will review these safety protocols every seven to ten days and modify them as the pandemic permits. Our next goal will be to reduce masking outdoors as the local infection rate comes down (hopefully) over the next few weeks. I will keep everyone posted.