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I am amazed by our success in navigating the COVID-19 labyrinth. Thanks to a robust set of campus safety protocols, the cooperation of everyone, especially our remarkably resilient students in adapting to new circumstances, weekly testing, steady leadership, and some good luck, we have been able to keep contagion away from the Franklin Academy campus. Zero infection is a remarkable achievement. Now, we intend to return to more normal day-to-day interactions. Therefore, our Board of Trustees has approved a policy requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all employees and students at Franklin Academy. This policy goes into effect at the start of the 2021-2022 school year. If any individual has a qualifying medical condition that contraindicates the COVID-19 vaccine or objects to being vaccinated based on sincerely held religious beliefs and practices, please contact my office (fred@fa-ct.org). Together, we will begin an interactive process to determine if the school can provide a reasonable accommodation. Our goal is to keep this community safe while regaining the full range of transformative educational experiences that every Franklin Academy student deserves.