The final week of the third quint is about to begin. So far, the conscientious practice of safety protocols by students, parents, and colleagues has prevented any problems with COVID-19 on campus. Now, the community spread of the Omicron variant across Connecticut has plunged. Consequently, there is reason to be cautiously optimistic about our social interactions and programming opportunities for the remainder of this academic year. Indeed, we have started planning for our all-school prom. We also hope to invite all students and parents to the graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 4.

Of course, we will need to be careful. I doubt the “all clear” siren will sound, indicating that the United States has eradicated the virus. Therefore, we will require a negative test for students and teachers to return to campus for the start of the fourth quint on Sunday, February 27. A PCR, rapid test, or an at-home self-test are all acceptable. Also, we will continue our current campus safety protocols through the first week of March. Then, we will reassess our situation and modify our safety measures as we are able. I will continue to provide updates on our progress.