Today is the midpoint of our school year. One hundred and five days are behind us, and there are one hundred and five days to go before graduation on Saturday, June 1. We commemorated the moment with a celebration of Halfway Day during the long Community Meeting this morning. Students and faculty were each given half a sheet of paper and tasked with finding the missing half piece of paper among classmates and colleagues. When the halves of paper matched, each tandem was eligible to select and enjoy donuts halves from Dunkin’. Then, we moved on to the “Freeze Dance” competition. This year, Hend Salah, Team B Counselor, was the last person standing, succeeding Ian Falconi, class of 2019, as the Franklin Academy dance champion. After this spirited start to the day, everyone headed off to first period classes. From many years of experience, I know that our progress through the school year will now begin to move at a faster pace.