Our school’s mission focuses on helping students with unique learning styles develop and strengthen academic and social competencies vital to pursuing college goals, professional aspirations, and fulfilling lives. Thus, graduation, which occurs this year on May 29, is not the end. It is just the beginning, as documented in this email I received yesterday.

Dear Fred,
I hope this finds you well! I am enjoying a short break from academics, having just finished my time at Saint Michael’s, graduating with degrees in Biochemistry and Data Science/Mathematics. And, I will soon be moving to Boston for a research assistant job at Moderna (the vaccine people!), working within their mRNA pipeline. Ultimately, I will likely spend 1-2 years working full-time, as well as on an ambulance service (during my time at St. Mikes, I did my EMT and Advanced EMT certifications but had little time to volunteer) while studying for the MCAT, with the ultimate goal of applying to MD-PhD programs sometime in the near future.

I keep in touch with most of my friends from my Franklin days, including the core group of Raymond, Nick, Ri, and the likes. We like to get together every year and do something, though the last time we all did so was pre-COVID days. I would love to catch up at some point, perhaps on the phone or through Zoom/WebEx/Teams. Happy Summer Days!

Daniel Mallory, FA ’15

PS: That is Dan in the foreground with his Franklin friends, Nick Boston and Ray Diamond, during senior year.