A welcome aspect of our Summer Sojourn program is the return of alumni, coming back to campus to serve as mentors and coaches for Sojourn students. Indeed, our alumni are a tremendous asset, having already walked in the shoes of the students they are serving. Truly, they are a great source of inspiration and wisdom to everyone they encounter. This summer we celebrated the work of Lauren Bahr ’16, Cathryn Petryk ’17, Kaitlin Jackson ’14, Isabelle Rousseau ’14, Thomas Dunne ’14, Lauren Klein ’15, Allison Thurz ’14, and Jon Mullen ’15 who are standing left to right with Jennifer Dziekan, FACTS Advisor, and Kinsley Sanders, FLI Coordinator, in the photograph above. Thank you, alumni. We hope to see another great group for Summer Sojourn 2019.