Yes, it is a blizzard. I trekked across campus from the Headmaster’s Residence to the Dining Hall, following our maintenance crew as they strained to stay ahead of the driving, drifting snow. I was early to brunch, so I talked to our new dining service manager, Tony. He drove in from Middletown, fighting whiteout conditions. But he made it. Now, Tony was ready with freshly brewed coffee, hot oatmeal, scrambled eggs, ham, hush puppies, and cornbread muffins. Soon, duty teachers and students came in, brushing off snow, shedding layers of winter clothing, and expressing amazement about the snow and wind.

Since this is an afternoon to hibernate, I went back home to edit photographs of our Halfway Day celebration and Freeze Dance contest this past Wednesday. At the end of the contest, students and teachers each enjoyed a half donut (yes, gluten-free half donuts were also available). Tomorrow we will enjoy making snowmen, snow forts, and snow angels. We will sled and throw a snowball or two. Welcome to the winter term at Franklin.