Day number nine on the road brought us to Landmark College, a favorite choice for those seniors and postgraduates who want a collegiate education specially designed for students who think and learn differently. At the moment we have six of our alumni at Landmark – Annie Goldberg FA ’14, a campus ambassador who served as our tour guide; Erica Shea FA ’18, a campus ambassador-in-training who spoke during the student panel, Martha Meigs FA ’16 and Natalie Nussbaum FA ’15, both of whom have just been inducted into Landmark’s Phi Theta Kappa honor society; Megan Freeman FA ’14, who graduates this coming May with a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies and contemplates a career in elder care; and Brian Danback, a Franklin Academy postgraduate who is a member of our class of 2017. Tig Best, a current postgraduate, and her mother, Lee Ann, joined us during the Landmark Open House, and we ran into a former student and a future student, both of whom eagerly greeted our group. For good reason Landmark is described as a bigger version of Franklin Academy for college students. At the conclusion of the afternoon, we climbed into our three SUVs and set the course for home.