Today we introduced our team representing Franklin Academy in the national high school American Mathematics Competition (AMC). The contest offers an intellectual challenge to gifted students with an aptitude for mathematics and demonstrated problem-solving ability. Certainly, an invitation to take the exam is an honor in itself. However, there are several additional opportunities for recognition. We memorialize the name of our top scorer, adding his or her name to our AMC School Winner plaque. Next, the top 5% of scorers across the country advance to the regional round of the competition. This is the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Exam). Then, the top 500 scorers on the AIME compete to become members of the US Mathematics Olympiad Team that travels to St. Petersburg, Russia, in July for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Congratulations to our team members in the photo above: Jacob, Timmy, Kai, Jenner, Josh, Cole, Eli, and Josh.

PS: We are in midst of Spirit Week, and today is “Hat Day.” Consequently, students and teachers are making fashion statements with their headgear.