Franklin Academy’s yearly schedule includes Fall and Spring Intersessions. These two-week mini-terms in early December and April offer students the opportunity to select one high-interest course and focus only on that class throughout the academic day and over the entirety of Intersession. Students learn to transition to a daily schedule paced differently than core classes and regular electives. The course options typically address a wide range of student and faculty interests, vary in academic rigor, and combine students from different teams across the school.

Fall Intersession begins after Thanksgiving and concludes with a special gallery presentation of student work at 11 am on Friday, December 17. We hope that many parents coming to campus to provide transportation home for the holidays will be able to attend. Click here for a catalog of our upcoming Fall Intersession courses. Click on the following links for a look at some of the course commercials produced by our teachers. Students sign up for Intersession classes today.

Mind and Meaning: Applied Buddhism
Project Runway
Stained Glass
Folk Horror