All Franklin Academy employees and students went through the second round of COVID-19 testing on campus this past Wednesday. I am delighted to report that every test came back negative. This is good news as we complete five weeks of on-campus classes.

Of course, the surge in confirmed cases across Connecticut and the United States creates concern. Fortunately, we continue to see a low testing positivity percentage of 1.1% for Middlesex County. There are also only a small number of active cases in East Haddam. Therefore, we intend to stay the course, carefully evaluating the daily reports and diligently executing our safety plan.

In response to our success in staying COVID-free and the rising pandemic numbers in Connecticut and neighboring states, we would like to restrict family visitation to essential contact only during the final three weeks of this Fall Trimester. We understand that this restriction might create disappointment for some parents. Still, we ask the greater Franklin Academy community to be as vigilant as ever in following our safety protocols. Your support will help us achieve two important goals: the successful completion of this first term of the school year and the enjoyment of a healthy family holiday at Thanksgiving.