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Teams B, C, D – Opening Day of School

Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 10:00am

Opening Day for parents and students on Teams B, C, and D is organized a bit differently since we are dealing with larger numbers and more new students. Again, I have attached this schedule. After parking the car, walk to the School House. Again, Josh Weissbach will be there to take family and individual student photographs. You will check-in with the Admissions Office team in the Great Room. Team B registration will be in the Student Center. Team C registration will be in the Library which is located below the Dining Hall. Team D registration will be in the School House Commons. The official welcome, set for 1:00 pm, will be in the Great Room of the School House. Afterwards while students begin their team-based orientation, there will be parent group meetings with team leadership in the following locations: Team B (Student Center), Team C (Great Room), and Team D (Library). The parent reception at the end of the day will be at the Headmaster’s Residence (the blue house with white trim and bright red front doors) that you reach by walking along the road that passes directly in front of the Admissions building; enter the back of the house through the sliding door along the driveway.
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