We just heard some good news. Our final COVID-19 tests for the year, which took place two days ago, are all negative! This means that we were able to keep contagion away from campus throughout this school year. What was our strategy? First, we implemented a robust set of campus safety protocols. Next, students, colleagues, and parents carefully followed the safety plan. Finally, we initiated weekly testing. I also want to acknowledge the financial support of the Rommel Wilson Fund and the Romenesa Foundation. Their grants made possible our testing program through the winter and spring. Now, the easy availability of proven COVID-19 vaccines means that we can begin planning to return to more normal routines and programming. Franklin Academy’s Board of Trustees will meet with the administrative team on Friday, June 4, to determine whether COVID-19 vaccines will be mandatory for all employees and students when school resumes in September. In the meantime, I urge all students participating in our summer program to get vaccinated during June.