We were delighted to see Emily at our Community Meeting today. She has just completed the “J” term at Hartwick College and has a free week before the beginning of the spring semester of freshman year. So, she decided that a trip back to Franklin Academy was in order. FLI leadership recruited Emily to give a fifteen-minute talk to our seniors and postgraduates about strategies for success in college. Her most important advice was to “use all of the supports that a college has to offer.” Has Emily followed her own advice? A fall semester academic record of A’s and B’s and a “J” term grade of B- suggest that she is practicing what she is preaching.

Emily is also working as a student receptionist for the Hartwick Admissions Office. She sets up tours, does data entry, and makes confirmation phone calls. In many ways, she is the face of Hartwick for families visiting campus. Emily credits Franklin Academy for giving her the confidence to handle these many social interactions. Going forward, she is planning to major in Psychology and Education. Emily hopes to spend the spring semester of her sophomore year studying at Regents University in London, England. She will also be rushing a sorority. Finally, when asked about her happiness at Hartwick, Emily’s answer was simple and to the point: “Right fit, right choice.”