Our presentation for Franklin Academy parents, The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Virtual Learning, is available by clicking here. Our panel participants discuss how to be a successful virtual learner. They outline some of the things a student (and a parent) needs to know to be ready for Cyber Franklin Intersession classes that start on Thursday, December 3. Click here to see the incredible line-up of course offerings during this mini-term that falls between Thanksgiving and the Winter Holiday Season.

Shannon Cove, our Academic Dean, serves as the panel moderator. You will hear from Danny Moss, a Cyber Franklin senior during the Fall Trimester. Amy Bigelow, Mathematics Department Chair, and Roberto Padua, Science Department Chair, will also share useful perspectives and advice. However, I predict that you will be “blown away” by the practical wisdom and eloquence of Danny.

The 17-minute video is a stand-alone session that will not have a follow-up Q&A session. We will release additional seminars, both live and pre-recorded, during the December Intersession. These sessions include college readiness and the application process. We will also cover testing and assessments, and our core competency paradigm, including the tracking system. We trust that these presentations will be informative and helpful.